06 December 2007

“Spoon Day”

Last week I heard word that today was Spoon Day, which I thought sounded fun in part because of the utensil's unique inspirational quality. (See Exhibit A: spoons the game, Spoon, spooning). In their own right, spoons are pretty awesome utensils: they're both functional and fashionable (See Exhibit B: strangers on the internet).

I had to know, though, about this "Spoon Day" before ABS promoted it. I had questions: National or International? Soup or tea? Calendarized or Facebook Legend? I couldn't find Spoon Day in International or National or Annual flavors anywhere. As near as I can tell, Spoon Day is, unfortunately, the stuff of Facebook Legend. And it may or may not occur on the last Friday in April, and goes under the alias of National Spooning Day. I am immediately skeptical of Facebook-only fads, however, in this case perhaps an exception can be made. Because they have t-shirts, they must be real.

While the authenticity of Thursday, December 6th as "Spoon Day" has yet to be confirmed, I feel like getting in the spirit. Although, now that I've dithered back and forth over what Spoon Day may be, I feel that I must interject this one point: spoons are sexy (See Exhibit C).

[Exhibit C: Baby Got Back.]

This fact jumped out at me last summer when I first saw the ones I knew I had to have as my own. After a long day of thrift store shopping, I came across three blue bins in the dusty back aisle of the Goodwill. Inside each were teetering piles of unorganized flatware. Some sets were scotch-taped together, but the vast majority of the horde were all jumbled together, spoons with knives, forks running wild. But sticking out of the top of one bin, there was one spoon that caught my eye and winked at me. A thunderous jangle accompanied my tussle to set it free, a struggle made worthwhile by the lovely Art Deco styling of the handle. There were no others like it to make a full set, so instead I set about to find four of each of the three basic utensils, no two exactly alike, to bring to college this semester.

Even if it is not "Spoon Day," and especially if it is, I wanted the excuse to share my extra sexy spoons. I had also thought it would be a perfect lead in to talking about my toaster oven and the other kitchen paraphernalia here at the ABS suite (apparently it is Microwave Oven Day, but microwaves definitely aren't sexy enough). It seems I had more to say about spoons (and Facebook) than I ever thought I'd need to say. Well, my toaster oven (which is magical) next time. Tuesday: sweet potato latkes, just in time for the last night of Hanukkah!

Enjoy (something delicious with a spoon)!


Library Lindsay said...


Here are some other obscure food-related days of celebration that are coming up soon:
Dec. 12 = Gingerbread House Day,
Dec. 16-18 = Gluten-free Baking Week,
Dec. 27 = Birth Anniversary of Louis Pasteur.


AJ Star said...

oh man this is the best non-recipe ABS post ever. why? let me count the ways: sir mix-a-lot references about utensils, acknowledging hanukkah with latkas, and sexy spoons!!!!!!! i can't get enough. now i need to go open my utensil drawer and stare skeptically at my flatware.

and we can't forget that, "No one's gloomy or complaining/ While the flatware's entertaining!" oh, lumiere, how right you are.