22 November 2007

Turkey Day the First: Stuffed to Perfection

Thankfulness comes in the form of a full belly. And in a blessedly elastic belly. Power-napping does wonders to expand the appetite. This afternoon started with hand-mashing potatoes and salad arranging. Dinner number one - with my maternal grandmother, aunt, mom, and step-dad - was relaxed, quiet, and crispily delicious. Especially the stuffing (or dressing, as Mammaw calls it). Mammaw whupped up the cream for our pumpkin and black cherry pies (from the local Amish market, and yes, I meant 'whupped'). Preparations had started the night before, as had the eating (the stuffing was just that good), and when we were all finally at the table, we shared our news and tucked into our feast in a collective sigh of contentment.

Dinner number two - comprising at peak times 30-35 representatives of my step-dad's family - was three long tables of traditional Thanksgiving feast foods (sans sauerkraut, thank goodness) and joyful toddler shrieks, catching-up and keeping up. My mom, step-dad, and I tried our luck at the themed quiz - glad I'm not alive during the original thanks-givers' times, I like forks! - while we polished off our plates. The youngest family members kept all entertained with bubbly laughter and bumps and bruises and drawings and general adorableness. As we left for our car, warmed from the furnace of post-feasting digestion, I was thankful for all of it, and for having the chance to reprise this holiday not only twice, but a third time again tomorrow with my dad's side of the family.

For now, it's time to pass out again - I feel like I've got stuffing for brains (mmm… stuffing) - and let my weary appetite replenish itself in time for Turkey Day, the sequel. See you on Saturday with more utterly gluttonous indulgence. Enjoy!

Mammaw whupping the cream. So delicious.

Power-napping between first dessert and second dinner. I'm turning into such a hobbit.

And this was only my table - multiply by three for the full effect. I was stuffed like a turducken, but I had to at least try everything on the table. Couldn't resist the bacon in the lima beans.

Shark + Knife = cooler than the pilgrims.


Patricia Scarpin said...

Wow, what a beautiful table, Olivia! And the food looks delicious, too.

You'll find this quite corny, but if I ever have a daughter I'll name her "Olivia". :)

Betty (Eh-HEH) ;-) said...

Hey Olivia!
I was up later than I intended tonight but part of me wasn't ready for bed yet, so I checked my email and discovered the wonderful cyber world of "Anything But Spaghetti". Instantly I was alert and scrolling down for more! Awesome job on the blog, plenty of great recipes with a touch of laughter for flavor. I'll be anticipating the next chapter!

P.S. Shark knives totally rule!

AJ Star said...

wow you had THREE thanksgivings?! i am utterly jealous. everything looks so traditional and fun and delicious. i got full halfway through my first plate and then with football and my need for pie (too much nutmeg, my friends) i never got seconds. i will just stare at all your pictures to make myself feel like i got to eat enough...