24 November 2007

Turkey Day the Second

I think I may have a freakish fondness for stuffing. Despite what the name implies, yesterday on Turkey Day 2 I was again able to gorge myself on stuffing of two different kinds to the point where my plate of seconds was only stuffing. And then had room for two desserts. And ate stuffing for breakfast for the past two days. Maybe I just have a natural, or seasonal, competitive eater's stomach. Or maybe it was because my aunt made a James Beard stuffing and it totally rocked.

As much as I could praise the turkey, or the green bean casserole, or the cranberry sauce, or the mashed potatoes (all of them gloriously evocative of Thanksgivings past), the best part of any Thanksgiving has to be eating the food with family. Meals without company can be indulgent and filling, but they can never be as satisfying as a meal shared. This Thanksgiving I got the chance to surround myself with family three times, and remind myself just exactly where all of my different roots are. My cousins on dad's side may be on Myspace and Facebook, but nothing really compares with being in the same room with them for story-telling. Just like frost-your-own cupcake day can't ever fairly be judged against frosting a homemade carrot cake with my aunt in the kitchen I grew up in.

It's almost unfair, giving college students less than a week to be home to enjoy the holiday, and its leftovers. In three weeks I'll be home again for Winter break. Until then,
I’ve got Dad’s Marshall Field’s turkey leftover sandwiches to tide me over. Still tastes like Thanksgiving in my house and I’m feeling good.


Peggy L said...

Awesome! What a great blog!
From a friend of your aunt N!

AJ Star said...

soooo i just realized because of this post that i spent a good hour or so peeling potatoes for mashing and i never got to eat the finished product. wow. lame. I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!! you're so right-- four days at home is not enough to enjoy the full extent of this holiday. leftovers, how i yearn for thee.